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Quale simu ? ::: Who are we?

Pascale et Gilles offer an alternative tourism:
On our scale, we try to work and live differently, to share cultures and skills always keeping in mind the environment's harmony.
We are lucky (and with a lot of willpower...) to have the opportunity to lead a combined project which enables us to have a professional occupation, rich but with hight expectations, and a community occupation where we can use our past experiences.

Grew up in Provence, in an organic farm and therefore instinctively aquired knowledge on the mediterranean flora and know-hows (organic food, ethnobotany, wildlife, ecology...). Working as a primary school teacher for 25 years, Pascale has experience carrying out projects on environmental education. She also puts a lot into training courses and alternative education
Grew up in a shepherd's familly from Cervioni and Castagniccia. He used to be a mountain guide therefore knows Corsica very well. He also has a long experience in development projects. Specialist in rural infrastructures, he speaks corsican and pursues several projects in the tourism area, the local handicrafts, the protection and improvement of environments, waste management...


The ecotourism centre is managed by the SAS CAMINI VERDI chaired by Gilles Vandernoot.


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U PAESOLU A SUVERA A U VENTU - Ecotourism in Corsica for ecofriendly and sustainable holidays
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